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Friday, July 24, 2009

Barely survived!

Last night there was a spam attack on the Kinaara website. It might have started a while back, for who can post about 120 spam comments in one night's time? (Or maybe they can, you never know spambots!) It gave me quite a heart attack though, tech-retard as I am, because the website of the last online magazine I was part of had got attacked by a strange virus a few months back and never recovered. (I wasn't part of the team by then, so I didn't get to learn what exactly had happened, but I doubt if it would've made any difference to my tech-retard brain.)

So I panicked and nearly died.

Anyway, by now Chirag and I seem to have cleared up the problem, so all is well and I'm going to sleep peacefully at night. The October theme is Celebration, by the way. The deadline for that is September 15, as you guys must've got accustomed to. But before that is September, unthemed, and let's see the submissions!

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